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Build your own beautiful, buttery-smooth fitness app to scale up your impact and revenue. Train more people for less work and make more money.
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Take full ownership of your business

Don’t be just another trainer on someone else’s platform, building someone else’s brand.

Stand out from the crowd by owning your own platform and growing your brand.
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Here are some of our successful partners. These wellness entrepreneurs built and run their apps on Ongo.

I appreciate how Ongo is always pushing to help me reach my growth goals. I can tell Ongo really values me and my members - and is committed to making sure we're happy.
Olivia Ostrom
Founder of Lift with Liv
Ongo has helped me tremendously to build a scalable business. I've expanded the size of my manageable clients over 10x!
Thoren Bradley
Founder of Dōse Fit
Ongo has helped me to scale my fitness programs. The user experience is fantastic and my clients are loving it.
Jack Hanrahan
Founder of PRGRM
With Ongo, I've been able to extend my reach—now providing in-depth training and practices for an amazing community in my own app!
Muchelle B.
Founder of Intention
Ongo empowered us to launch an app with state-of-the-art features in no time. Their dedication to quality continues to impress us!
Nate Helming
Founder of The Run Experience
For the embodied woman expanding her capacity to receive MORE!
Caley Alyssa
Founder of the Caley Alyssa App

Start building your app community and start changing more lives.

Your users will love it.

Love this app!
I just completed my first full month using my macros and I’m down 4.6lbs! That might not seem like a lot but I’ve been consistently gaining weight or stuck at a plateau since May 2020 and this is the first time since then that I’ve been consistently losing - even if it is small. I’m also below 250lbs for the first time since September of last year. I’ve noticed how I binge eat when stressed and have become so much more mindful during the times I just want to binge and have started changing my thoughts around food. I can also notice I’ve gotten stronger in the gym. Lots of nsv’s which has been encouraging! The community has also been encouraging and supportive! Excited to keep going!
Great App
Thor and this app been have been instrumental in making some big changes in my life. There are many things to love about this app. You are not alone; there’s a community board where you can share parts of your journey and questions and get encouragement from others. There’s a variety of workout programs including one for at home if you don’t have a gym. There are also single session workouts to target specific areas and educational videos. I have not use the macros component out of fear that it may trigger some things with disordered eating but Thor has been really helpful in giving advice on dietary changes to make. Since I started about a month ago I’ve lost 25 pounds with the changes I’ve made. It’s been fun and feels like a sustainable lifestyle I can keep.
K Fizzle
I’d give it 10 stars if I could
Man. I have never ever found an app that I love the way I love this one for a billion reasons - videos, education, nutrition, Thorne himself will write you back to answer your questions he helped me figure out some calories and macros to try and how to work out around my BJJ schedule, the workouts are 🔥🔥🔥 and the videos explain in the moment how to do them. I was skeptical as a 43 yr old woman this would work since he is a young dude but let me tell you this is it. Highly recommend. If you want to actually see gains and lose weight and get fit and age well and learn the how AND the why with actual ability for communication look no further.
After 20 years of programs from weight watchers, personal trainers at gyms, crossfit bootcamps, P90X, Daniel Plan, Body for Life, many books and magazines and other apps later which by the way many were a success in reaching my weight loss goal but never changing my habits until an online coaching experience recently where it all came together for me.This APP has already taught me MORE in 30 minutes of exploring and watching just a few “chalk talks”! If you are smart you will pay the $99/year because in all honesty at $99/mo this would be a BARGAIN!!!!
It is so worth it!
Like many of you I was excited to download the app by the hot lumberjack but I didn’t know that with all the beauty he had brains. Expert knowledge and personalized macros with a community support in the palm of your hands. 10/10 would recommend and continue to recommend this app to anyone and everyone. Thor as your personal trainer, with this app who answer questions as well and providing encouraging information and comments to the community is encouraging. The macros alone will help, but there is a plethora of workout plans and tutorials available. Love it !!

ongo gives you the tools to build and grow a scalable app business that takes less than an hour a week to manage after launch.

Seamless onboarding
Building an app from scratch can be complicated - but we make it simple! We have real humans to help you every step of the way - getting you to launch with ease.
Custom Branding
Incorporate your branding elements, logos, colors, and themes into the app's design, ensuring a personalized experience that resonates with your community.
All your content
in one place
Whether it’s workout videos, motivational audio, inspirational images, or interactive measurements of weight and reps - we’ve got you covered. Bring all of your content into your app.
Monetize your audience
Accelerate your community's growth and revenue potential with a subscription-based monetization plan. Effortlessly monetize your platform while accessing the resources you need to market, analyze, and grow your community efficiently.
Advanced analytics and integrations
Get access to a range of analytics to help with marketing campaigns. Use our API to integrate with thousands of external services - giving you control over how and where you reach your members.
Support when you need it
Building an app is a team sport. We’ll be on the field with you, helping every step of the way. We’ll make sure your experience is smooth so you can build an advanced app experience with ease.

Getting started with ongo is as simple as

An example app logo called "Intention".Example of an expert choosing their app's colors from the Ongo content management system.

Lock in your app name and branding

Incorporate your branding elements, logos, colors, and themes into the app's design, ensuring a personalized experience that resonates with your community.
An example of a program thumbnail image in an app.Mock video ready for uploading into the Ongo content management system.

Upload your content

Upload workout videos, educational videos, motivational audio, recipes, and inspirational images and text into our web CMS.

Launch your app and start collecting recurring revenue

Give your community members ongoing training that will change their lives.

Empower your wellness and fitness community like never before


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