Introducing Thoren Bradley

Your favorite wood chopper with 9.6M TikTok fans, who teamed up with Ongo to chop down barriers and reach lives beyond his own backyard.

Thoren's mobile app 'Dōse' gives you the daily dōse of healthy eating and movement to reach maximum results. With Ongo, Thoren:

- Developed his own custom, branded app
- Focuses on training instead of technical support
- Earns money while he chops wood

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Thoren Bradley

"Ongo has helped me tremendously to build a scalable business. I've expanded the size of my manageable clients over 10x!"

-Thoren Bradley, Dōse

Founder, Dōse app

Build your own app like Thoren

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Curated Programs

Build custom programs, challenges, and workouts that suit your community

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Follow-Along Workouts

Allow members to easily follow your every move

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Activity Tracking

Empower members to keep track of their progress

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Community Engagement

Motivate members, answer questions, and offer training advice effortlessly

Transform your fitness business

Custom Branding

Stand out from the crowd

Unlock the power of personalization. Take control over branding, choose features, and make it uniquely yours. Our intuitive interface empowers you to go beyond the ordinary.

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Custom Branding
Unlock Revenue Potential
Unlock Revenue Potential

Unlock new revenue potential

Scale your fitness business with a one to many approach. Create high-quality training and offer in-app subscriptions. Why train one person at a time when you can reach thousands? Transform your reach into revenue effortlessly.

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Custom Branding

Grow with Ongo

Ongo is not just an app builder. When you join Ongo, our partnership is ONGO-ing. We're constantly developing our apps with the latest features and develop growth strategy with you at no extra cost. Focus on what you love most. We’ll take care of the technical support and app updates.

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Simplify your life

You focus on creating training programs and we'll take care of the rest! We can do everything from customer support, new feature development, and app maintenance.

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Dōse impacts 31k+ lives and counting
5 Star Review

“Since using the Dōse app, I have lost weight steadily, lost fat% and gained real muscle. I feel sustained, energized and like I have finally found what WORKS for me with EASE. The support is real, from a real awesome human.”

5 Star Review

"It is so worth it! Expert knowledge and personalized macros with a community support in the palm of your hands. 10/10 would recommend and continue to recommend this app to anyone and everyone. Thor as your personal trainer, with this app who answer questions as well and providing encouraging information and comments to the community is encouraging. The macros alone will help, but there is a plethora of workout plans and tutorials available. Love it !!"

Nene 150
5 Star Review

"Ōhk literally does it all. Thoren provides many different workout programs, programs for home, the gym, and his personal wod (workout of the day). Thor is currently a one man team and this app is his everything and it truly shows. He is the man responsible for each persons custom macros. The app has many different types of informational videos, therapies, and my favorite an awesome community page. Seriously for an app that costs less than a daily Starbucks it is priced so far below what it’s worth - I can’t believe the entire world hasn’t signed up yet. Do yourself a favor sign up and share it with literally everyone you know who is looking to get and remain fit sustainably."

5 Star Review

“You’ll pay $8.33 a month for a world class fitness trainer in your pocket who offers not only science based workout plans (emphasis on plurality) but also regressions, therapies and sagacious advice..”

5 Star Review

"After 20 years of programs from weight watchers, personal trainers at gyms, crossfit bootcamps, P90X, Daniel Plan, Body for Life, many books and magazines and other apps later which by the way many were a success in reaching my weight loss goal but never changing my habits until an online coaching experience recently where it all came together for me. This APP has already taught me MORE in 30 minutes of exploring and watching just a few “chalk talks”! If you are smart you will pay the $99/year because in all honesty at $99/mo this would be a BARGAIN!!!!"

Scott Miller
5 Star Review

"More to Ohk than the "hot wood chopper." His looks may draw you in, but his brain will keep you at Ohk. Your macros are personally deciphered for you, not by a computer algorithm but by human intelligence. The macros are the border of the puzzle, of a diet giving you a guideline on what to eat. You don’t have someone talking above your understanding. Thor, (hot wood chopping guy and brains behind Ohk) has figured out the puzzle pieces of diet and exercise you just have to put the puzzle pieces together. I’m a computer dolt I can navigate around the app easily. The information and puzzle pieces are explained so normal every day people can understand and finally succeed at a diet and exercise. For the cost of a couple Starbucks coffees a month you can finally change your life and health. …. Honest it’s worth every penny. An impressed shrinking lady"

5 Star Review

"Thor and this app been have been instrumental in making some big changes in my life. There are many things to love about this app. You are not alone; there’s a community board where you can share parts of your journey and questions and get encouragement from others. There’s a variety of workout programs including one for at home if you don’t have a gym. There are also single session workouts to target specific areas and educational videos. I have not use the macros component out of fear that it may trigger some things with disordered eating but Thor has been really helpful in giving advice on dietary changes to make. Since I started about a month ago I’ve lost 25 pounds with the changes I’ve made. It’s been fun and feels like a sustainable lifestyle I can keep."

K Fizzle
5 Star Review

"I’d give it 10 stars if I could Man. I have never ever found an app that I love the way I love this one for a billion reasons - videos, education, nutrition, Thorne himself will write you back to answer your questions he helped me figure out some calories and macros to try and how to work out around my BJJ schedule, the workouts are 🔥🔥🔥 and the videos explain in the moment how to do them. I was skeptical as a 43 yr old woman this would work since he is a young dude but let me tell you this is it. Highly recommend. If you want to actually see gains and lose weight and get fit and age well and learn the how AND the why with actual ability for communication look no further."


Have questions?

Why should I partner with Ongo to build my app?

Ongo has built the simplest, most advanced platform for health and wellness training that scales. No coding. No hassle. WIth our tools, you get an app that can scale to any size market. By creating an app, you can reach your customers where they are - right from their pocket. And with Ongo you get your very own app - not just rented space on someone else's. You're in control - and we're here to help every step of the way, with guides, customer support, training, and more!

Why should I build my own app instead of just coaching on someone else's app?

We've had experts come to Ongo who previously put their content up on someone else's app. Ultimately, they didn't have control of the product and wanted to have their own app. That's where Ongo comes in - you own the app, customers, and data. We're just here to help you shine and make the biggest impact you can!

I don't know anything about app development. How hard is it?

Don't worry! We have a team of expert technologists who have built products that scale to millions of users. You won't have to do any coding - just follow a few simple steps, and focus on what you do best - your content and your community.

Do I need to know how to code?

Absolutely not (unless you want to apply for a software engineering job with us)! We've built a simple system that removes all the headache so you can get up and running fast.

How much money can I make?

You own the app, and the pricing is also in your control. If you were making $20/month per app subscription, you'd be making $120k/year with just 500 subscribers.

Do I own my data?

Yes! We're data nerds, so we make sure you have access to all the data you want. We've built APIs and integrations with third party tools that also make it easy for anyone on your team to use in-app data to drive any external analytics or marketing tools you may be considering using. Need something we're somehow not already measuring? While unlikely, we're constantly updating our data tools and can adapt to your needs.

What kind of content can I create?

We offer the most versatile health and wellness training platform on the market. You can of course create simple media sessions (like a video workout or an audio meditation). But we offer so much more! You can create interactive sessions that branch based on answers to questions and adapt to your users. We have a growing list of elements that can be incorporated into sessions, including countdown timers, stopwatches, GPS trackers, exercises (with optional measurements for weight, rep, and RPE). With Ongo, you can build just about anything!

Why not pay someone to build an app for me?

Like us, we're sure you get tons of spam messages from shady offshore dev shops claiming they can build an app for you. However, building a fully functioning product that can scale costs a minimum of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and more likely millions if you want a great product. But that's just to get the base product built. Then you generally have to invest what it cost to build it every year to maintain it (new operating systems, mobile phones, and features keep coming out every year, bringing lots of new bugs and opportunities). Ongo manages everything for you and provides you with the tools you need to grow, without having to worry about whether a server in western North America is down. We take on all of the risk, allowing you to launch and start earning money without having to buy expensive design and software engineering time from scratch.